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Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Confirmed


Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Confirmed

Speculation has been rife about just how much Samsung will be charging for its much anticipated Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab, with prices as high as £800 being mentioned. Finally, though, it seems we have some concrete evidence courtesy DSG-Group.

The company behind PC World, Dixons, and Currys has told Pocket-Lint that it will be charging £599.99 for contract-free models of the Tab. So, not quite as bad as it could be but certainly a fair chunk of change.

In comparison, that money will get you the 32GB 3G Apple iPad, while the 16GB version is £529. The Galaxy Tab offer similar amounts of storage but also has a microSD slot for adding up to 32GB more. With a camera and call making abilities as well, the Galaxy Tab can certainly justify its extra cost on specs alone but, as the hardware isn't quite as nice as the iPad, it's a fine balance.

Last week it was also confirmed the Galaxy Tab will be available on 1st November so the only remaining unknowns are what subsidies will be available on the device when taken out on a contract and which mobile providers will be carrying the device.



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