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Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Official Accessory Range


Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Official Accessory Range

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Tab will have a range of accessories to accompany its 1 November launch.

First up is a keyboard dock, that offers 83 full-sized keys with a built-in docking station so you can slot in and go. The keyboard also has connections for a charger and audio output. It sounds intriguing but will anyone want to work off a 600 x 1,024 display for long enough to justify the £69.99 asking price? If you think you will, it’s exclusive to Carphone Warehouse for the first six weeks following the launch.

There’s a Multimedia Desk Dock, which lets you charge the Tab while it rests in portrait format. This has speaker and mini HDMI outputs and costs £39.99. If you do want to output to TV this could be the way to go as there is an official TV Out cable but this is composite only, so using it will be akin to smearing Vaseline all over the screen, which would probably be preferable, and cheaper.

Alternatively there’s a simple leather case that folds back and lets you use it as a prop stand and this will cost £29.99.

If a simply slip case is all you require it’s made from d30 protective gel tech, and will set you back £24.99. If you don’t need the leather then a silicon-based Gel case can be had for £19.99.

There’s also a range of options such as portable speakers, headphone, memory cards, travel adaptors and USB cables, but as these are generic items we’d skip the official items and look elsewhere for what you need.

Tim Sutton

October 20, 2010, 4:35 pm

Is there an accessory that prints out fifteen £10 notes and makes the Galaxy even worth considering?

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