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Samsung Galaxy Tab Available From 1 November


Samsung Galaxy Tab Available From 1 November

We've already had a hands on with the Galaxy Tab and we thought it was pretty... well, you'll have to check out the full article to know that. What we can tell you here, however, is that whose of you wishing to know when you can get your hands on a Galaxy Tab of your own now have a date for your diaries: 1 November.

Specific carriers haven't been name checked, but Samsung says the Galaxy Tab will be available "across all major networks" at its launch, so we can assume the big four - Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 - are all on board. It shouldn't be hard to find a shop to buy a device from, either, as the likes of the Carphone Warehouse, DSG (PC World, Dixons, Curry's) and even T-Mobile stores will be stocking the tablet.

Pricing still isn't officially revealed, but we can but hope it's significantly less than the £679.99 Amazon was asking for pre-orders. It's no secret that Andoid tablets are going up against the iPad, and it's going to be harder to persuade consumers to turn their backs on Apple when the main complaint of the iPad - that it's crazy expensive - is just as true of the Galaxy Tab.

Whether the Galaxy Tab will appeal to the masses more than iPad (which still sold rather well, despite the numerous criticisms) remains to be seen, but it looks like Samsung's going to give it a good shot.

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