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Samsung Galaxy S Owners Get Froyo Today

David Gilbert


Samsung Galaxy S Owners Get Froyo From Today

Ok, ok I know we’ve said this before but we swear this time its true….hopefully.

On Twitter this morning, Samung announced that the Froyo-flavour update of the Android operating system for Galaxy S users is now available in the UK. Users have been frustrated for many months now, with the promise of the update coming from Samsung at various intervals. First promised in September, then October and now into November, Galaxy S users have had to make do with the pre-installed Android 2.1 on their phone since its launch in July.

In the tweet, Samsung said: "Froyo starts rolling out today; everyone will have it by the end of Nov. To prepare, get the latest version of Kies." Galaxy S users must have the latest version of Kies, Samsung's PC software installed on their handsets, according to the company. It is unclear as of yet whether Mac users will be able to install the update. A later tweet in response to a question confirmed that Froyo would be rolled out on all networks by the end of November. The Galaxy S recently came third in the TrustedReviews Awards 2010 in the Best Smartphone category.

Android 2.2 promises speed increases, Adobe Flash 10.1, a pinch-to-zoom home-screen flyover and a in browser search facility for Google and Wikipedia, and Dictionary, amongst other tweaks.

Android 2.2 is the latest version of the operating system and comes pre-installed on most top-of-the-range smartphones - such as the HTC Desire - as standard as well as being installed on the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab. While we greet this news as positive, I think it prudent, given the history of this update to wait and see if it actually happens.

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