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Samsung Divorces From E Ink

Ardjuna Seghers


Samsung Divorces From E Ink

If you were holding off on the new Kindle in the hope that Samsung would provide a better E Ink alternative, think again. Unfortunately, the company has dropped all plans for eBook readers based on the paper-like screen tech due to cost reasons. It's a pity as the six inch E6 and 10in E101 were looking mighty interesting, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and pen-capabilities on board.

Does this mean that the Korean giant is getting out of the e-reader business altogether? Well, not quite. Instead, it will launch a reader next year purportedly based on LCD. We're sincerely hoping this includes some form of non-backlit mode, as otherwise you might as well get a Galaxy Tab or iPad now. After all, the whole point to e-ink is its stunning battery life (measured in weeks rather than hours or days) and lack of eyestrain, neither of which a backlit display can match. If, like us, you spend all day staring at an emissive LCD screen, the last thing you want is to stare at one some more to read your books.

With the excellent-value, E Ink-sporting Kindle still maintaining its proprietary AZW format and eschewing ePub (which is the most widely used format for freely available eBooks and used by many UK libraries), we're holding off until alternatives like the BeBook Neo come down in price or until Asus brings out its tempting proposition.

Via: Engadget

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