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Samsung Begins Mass Production of 3D HDTVs

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Begins Mass Production of 3D HDTVs

It's over it's over - hooray! (...and *snore*) Let's move on with other equally annoying and overhyped technology...

Speaking of which, Samsung has announced mass production of its 3D LED and LCD television panels has now begun. This being Samsung it is naturally a world first and 40in, 46in and 55in Full HD panels with 240Hz motion technology are now flying off the factory floors as we speak (I hope not literally, well...).

Samsung claims the response time of both these LCD and LED panels have been reduced by 20 per cent to under four milliseconds and says this will help achieve more natural 3D images and sharper 2D movement. Users will need to wear the '3D Active Glasses' for 3D broadcasts, though these were at least standardised by the 'Glasses Standardization Working Group' (it really exists) earlier this year.

Sales of 3DTVs are expected to leap from 200,000 units in 2009 to 64m by 2018 - though that is still surprisingly niche considering the 6,798,900,000 people on the planet. In fact it's less than one per cent. And no, I'm still not a fan of 3D - at least this faux form of it where flat 2D images are simply presented at different depths like a pop-up book. In fact, I'm about as convinced by 3DTV as I am by tablets.

In related news Sky has confirmed it will have its first 3D broadcast in April, with a special preview on 31 January showing the Arsenal vs Manchester United league match in seven specially equipped pubs in the UK.

Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, London and Manchester will be the cities where they can be found, though Sky has yet to reveal the names of these fine drinking establishments. Consequently options are a) try and tirelessly track them down, or b) save the petrol money, do the environment a favour use the extra cash to have a few extra pints in your local and I suspect the game will then look like it's in 3D anyway. Problem solved.


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