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Samsung Announces Wave 2 & Wave 2 Pro Smartphones

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Announces Wave 2 & Wave 2 Pro Smartphones

Buy a Samsung Wave? I'll leave the bada banter to one side and instead list two more reasons you might regret it... or are they?

Samsung has unveiled the Wave 2 (S5250) and Wave 2 Pro (S5330) after the Wave has been on sale for less than a month. That said things are not quite as they'd seem.

In some of the most baffling branding we've seen in a long time these two new models are actually low cost alternatives to the Wave. They sport 3.2in WVGA displays instead of a 4in Super AMOLED corker, GPS, wireless n, microSDHC slots and - get this - EDGE not 3G. Other areas of compromise are just 80MB of native storage and 3MP cameras (not that megapixels have much to do with image quality).

Both are technically identical with the Pro simply adding a physical qwerty keyboard into the mix. With a launch time frame of August for each model I suspect Wave owners will be breathing easier - until they remember they're owners of a TouchWiz-based bada handset that doesn't support multi-touch or multi-tasking.

It remains Intervention Time...

Link: Samsung Mobile UK

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