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Samsung Announce Galaxy Tab 10.1

David Gilbert


Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 10.1

That Samsung was going to update its Galaxy Tab was hardly a secret and today we got to see what that is going to be – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Unfortunately there are no prizes for guessing where Samsung got the title for the new tablet and the 10.1in screen is the most obvious change in the new device. The 10.1in WXGA TFT LCD has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and is the reason Samsung has called the Tab 10.1 an “entertainment powerhouse.” Inside, the upgraded screen is supported by upgraded power in the form of a 1GHz dual-core processor. The Tab 10.1 also has a rear 8 megapixel camera as well as a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video calling goodness.

The Tab 10.1 will run Android 3.0 or Honeycomb which will be able to take advantage of all that extra power and there will be no annoying customisation such as TouchWiz, on top. The Tab 10.1 will come with a choice of 16GB or 32GB of storage and come with 802.11n Wi-Fi and HSPA and Bluetooth 3.0. While the Tab 10.1 has increased in size significantly Samsung has managed to keep the weight down to just a gram under 600grams – which is significantly less than the weighty iPad. The reason Samsung has been able to keep the weight down is something to do with it svelte 10.9mm thickness.

As an entertainment powerhouse, the Tab 10.1 will support video formats such as MPEG4/H263/H264 and you will be able to play 1080p Full HD video on it a 30fps and you can even shoot 1080p Full HD video at 24fps. There is Flash 10.1 support and built-in surround sound speakers add even more to its entertainment credentials.

The Tab 10.1 will be launching in March in Asia and Europe and Vodafone has announced that it will get exclusive access to the new tablet on launch. We have no word on pricing yet but Samsung say it will be “competitive” – and it will have to be in the crowded market place.

Source: Samsung

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