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Samsung 8MP, Feature Packed Slider Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Samsung 8MP, Feature Packed Slider Leaks

While cramming eight whole megapixels into a camera was seen as something of an achievement in 2008 it is already clear that in 2009 it's positively second nature...

Now, before I drop into yet another rant about the irrelevance of ever larger megapixels compared to the horrendous shutter lag and image processing in these handsets (seriously, my 2MP Canon Digital Ixus took better pictures than all these phones in 2000!), we'll move on.

For away from this annoying spec inside the 'S8300' we have a rather decent looking fashion handset which isn't afraid to show it has a reasonable amount of grey matter upstairs. For a start there's a 2.8in WQVGA display with AMOLED touchscreen and this is followed up by 7.2Mbit HSDPA, GPS, an FM tuner with RDS, DivX codec support, a microSDHC expansion slot and strong build quality considering the duralumin body and its anti-scratch/anti-fingerprint finish. At just 12.8mm thick it hasn't been eating all the pies either.

Pricing and availability information is naturally a stupid question to even pose at this stage yet Q1 seems a reasonable guesstimation. Now Samsung can we please freeze the megapixels now and focus on the other parts of taking a good photograph?! After all, over 10MP and picture quality will actually start to decrease...

...Yes! There is autofocus!


via DailyMobile.se

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