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Samsung 3D LED TVs Given a UK Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


Samsung 3D LED TVs Given a UK Launch Date

Its merits have been discussed to death, but I bet you didn't know the first home 3D TVs will be launching in the UK as soon as next month...?

Naturally enough, Samsung is the overachieving company which has given us this shock and we'll be getting its 3D enabled, LED 8 Series, LED 7 Series and LCD 7 Series models any minute now. The LED 9 Series will follow shortly after. All models were originally announced as part of the Samsung 3D CES onslaught last month and will require proprietary 3D glasses.

On the heels of these TVs will also be the 3D capable BD-C6900 Blu-ray player and HT-C6930W Home Theater System, which are due in 'spring'. Samsung says bundles of this equipment, plus one of the aforementioned TVs will include a copy of what is set to become the first 3D Blu-ray move, 'Monsters Verses Aliens'.

Just as it did at CES, Samsung hasn't broken down the tech specs of any of these products or given pricing information. Such is life.

In related news FlatPanelsHD has learnt Philips is set to join in the 3D spamming 'revolution' of our homes as well with a 3D version of its stunning 21:9 Cinema TV being made available by 'this summer'. It will be joined by 3D ready 32in, 37in, 40in, 42in, 46in and 53in LCD and LED backlit models which will no doubt a) impress, and b) confuse us with Philips' impenetrable product codes.

And yes, I still think 3D is bunch of old hogwash...


Samsung UK TVs

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