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Samsung 3.7in HD Ready, Wireless N Android Smartphone Leaks

Gordon Kelly


And so begins the inevitable Mobile World Congress leaks - still I guess that means less to write once I'm there!

Samsung is the first major company to help diminish our sense of excitement and wonder at this month's show in Barcelona by formally announcing the 'M100s' - a wonderfully specced Android smartphone which I would've felt rather more sated by had I made some effort to find it.

Instead we are spoonfed this 3.7in AMOLED 854 x 480 pixel handset with five megapixel camera, 720p capable video recording and one-upped 802.11n WiFi. An 800MHz CPU drives this beastie along and you'll also find the usual nicities in this bracket such as HSDPA, GPS, an accelerometer and digital compass.

Lastly are a T-DMB TV tuner (if this is to make it to Europe that'll need to change to DVB-H), DivX support, 3.5mm headphone jack and - just when this was looking ideal - a custom TouchWiz UI. Samsung, when will you learn, no-one likes TouchWiz no-one - so stop it and stop trying to make it part of bada (as if that OS weren't doomed enough).

Plans are for the Samsung M100s to launch in March with a global roll-out to follow - and as such, the swarm of Nexus One imitators begin...


via Electronista

video courtesy of enuricom

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