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Samsung 256GB '15,000rpm' SDDs Hit Mass Production

Gordon Kelly


Samsung 256GB '15,000rpm' SSDs Hit Mass Production

Sometimes the world just seems to fly by and you can't believe where the time has gone. Then again, there's the wait for those Samsung 256GB SSDs and it has felt like forever...

Still, this is almost over folks as Samsung has announced today it has begun mass production of these monsters specifically targeted at the home PC and laptop user. And that's only half the good news.

The other bit is those stunning industry leading 200MBps read and 160MBps write rates quoted in May have found even more horsepower since then with Samsung saying 220MBps read and 200MBps sequential writes are now locked down - figures which destroy the nasty tendency of SSDs to lag in this latter specification. Erase cycles are monstrous too at 100GB per minute meaning an entire drive can be re-written very quickly.

"While SSD's have always been touted for their performance, Samsung is turning the storage industry upside down now with an SSD that delivers truly disruptive performance," said Jim Elliott, Samsung VP of Memory Marketing. "Getting our exceptionally high performing 256GB SSD in a notebook is analogous to having a 15,000rpm drive, without all of its size, noise, power and heating drawbacks."

The man has a point. Samsung quotes a power draw of just 1.1 watts - around half that of a comparable HDD - while the 256GB edition will weigh little more than its 128GB brother which barely tips the scales at 81g. Even full disk encryption is on the menu.

The one bad point? We still don't know a price, but that - along with a formal launch date - should be with us any minute. Cross all fingers and toes, people...


via Akihabara


November 20, 2008, 8:41 pm

No pricing info yet....

I have a feeling that this doesn't bode well then....

Let me guess, at least &#83641000 for this one? I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised, would be nice if it was under &#8364500 or better yet, &#83641 per GB.

Matthew Bunton

November 20, 2008, 11:24 pm

Yes price is going to be the biggest hurdle here for awhile to come I would imagine.


November 20, 2008, 11:52 pm

"Hello bankerman!"

"Hello Sir!"

"I need money to get THIS Sammy SSD - now!"

"But Sir! We don't just.."

"But me no buts! I loaned you the money through my taxes - now gimme gimme gimme!"


November 21, 2008, 2:25 am

No question this will be very expensive. But look how the price of USB flash drives has and continues to plummet in the recent past. For sure in the not to distant future SSDs will be as cheap as chips. Its just a matter of time and patience before they become affordable to the masses.

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