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Sagem Offers Up Binder eReader


Sagem Offers Up Binder eReader

Sagem, the French tech manufacturer, has today announced the launch and availability of the Binder eReader.

Sagem isn’t launching it directly however, but is making it available as a white label product with the idea that third-party companies will take the product and offer it with their own branding. So far, French retailer FNAC has picked it up and will be offering it as the FnacBook, while in Italy it’s been picked up by Telecom Italia. We’ve not heard of any UK retails taking it on at this point.

The Binder’s specs are 152mm x 123mm x 10.7mm, making it shorter, but slightly thicker than the Kindle and at 240g it weighs exactly the same. It offers embedded 3G and Wi-Fi and has 16GB of internal memory and supports the ePub format, which the Kindle doesn’t.

Interestingly from a tech perspective the Binder’s 6in display uses e-paper tech from Sipix rather than e-Ink. The advantage of Sipix’s tech is that if also offers a capacitance touch screen, which should make it easier to interactive with. Sipix has a colour display on its roadmap, so this is definitely is a technology worth keeping an eye on.

There’s no exact information on battery life for the Binder, but Sagem said it will last for 8,000 page turns.

The price of the Sagem Binder is 199 Euros, which is around £173 – so it’s more expensive than the Kindle. We can’t really see anyone seriously competing with the Kindle and its associated Store, but it’s good to see others trying, and by offering better eReader tech, it should help to keep the market moving forward.

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