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SIM2 Unveils Mini CX3 Lumis, Slashes £7k From RRP

Gordon Kelly


SIM2 Unveils Mini CX3 Lumis, Slashes £7k From RRP

SIM2 has a special place in our hearts. It may produce some of the most expensive home cinema projectors in the world, but it also makes some of the very best - and this looks set to steal centre stage...

The company has unveiled the 'Grand Cinema C3X Lumis Uno' - a model which can match its elder siblings, but comes in at a lower price and significantly smaller size. In fact SIM2 goes so far as describing the Lumis Uno as "the smallest Full HD, 3-Chip projector on the market" though spoils this somewhat by neglecting to provide the size or weight. Francis Ford Coppola gives it a ringing endorsement and some sense of scale though, so thanks on two fronts big man.

As for the nitty gritty, the Lumis Uno packs in TI's latest 0.95in 1080p DC4 DLP chipset alongside SIM2's newly redesigned ALPHAPATH light engine (a genuine class leader in terms of colour depth, black levels, contrast ratio and brightness). Throw ratios stretch from 1.31-3.9:1 and anamorphic projection capabilities mean 2:35:1 cinema formats are no problem - as they shouldn't be. As for connectivity there are two HDMI HDCP-compliant ports, USB ports and legacy connections such as composite, S-video and VGA.

"In the best SIM2 tradition, the Grand Cinema C3X Lumis Uno is housed in a new cabinet by renowned industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini" the company tells us. In the best SIM2 tradition the Lumis Uno will also set you back £18.995. Which is... err, how can we put this gently... something of a bargain when it can go toe-to-toe with the £26k Grand Cinema C3X Lumis only reviewed in March.

Link: SIM2

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