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SIM2 Announces New £25k Flagship Projector

Gordon Kelly


SIM2 Announces New £25k Flagship Projector

Got some left over pocket money from Christmas? Like, a lot of pocket money...?

There are few better ways to spend £24,995 than on SIM2's latest flagship projector (actually there are millions of better ways, but indulge me). The ultra high end Italian home theatre genius has announced the 'C3X Lumis' has hit the UK and you must be asking: what on earth do you get for all that cash?

For a start, the successor to the confusingly similar C3X 1080 and almost identically named 'C3X Lumis HOST', is the smallest (458 x 210 x 455mm) and lightest (11Kg) high performance 3-chip DLP projector on the market, though it sports the same appearance (courtesy of renowned industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini) as before. I think it looks great - and just a little bit Batmobile.

Inside is where the magic happens and on top of the primary specs (35,000:1 contrast ratio, a whopping 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness) are the latest 0.95" 1080p DC4 DLP chipset from Texas Instruments, precision optics from SIM2’s new re-designed ALPHAPATH light engine and key DynamicBlack tech, along with a completely re-designed electronics assembly and on and on and on.

Naturally enough, the C3X Lumis also has numerous integrated lens options covering a range of throw ratios from 1.31-3.9:1 and anamorphic projection functionality for 2:35:1 cinema reproduction.

Raw data can't possibly do justice to a £25k projector though, so we'll have to set our resident home cinema expert John Archer on this beast and see who comes out on top. Until then, know that if you do take the plunge early that at least it also comes in special order white, black and red colour cases!


SIM2 C3X Lumis Series


December 31, 2009, 8:45 pm

Since I work as an investment banker and have just received my annual bonus of £10,000,000,000, which ensures the company can retain talent such as mine, I have already ordered 10,000 of these beauties and when they arrive I'm going to smash them all using bottles of very expensive champagne. Just kidding! I'll keep one.


December 31, 2009, 10:55 pm

@Ripsnorter Glad you were kiddin' - almost had the knife out - being a b(w)anker I mean not the PJ's!!! ;)

Oh, and message to SIM: Sack the designer that ( as most SIM PJ's) will look like a large black slug creaping across the ceiling. Yuk!

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