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Rumour: nVidia Ion-Powered Apple Mac Mini Coming


Rumour: nVidia Ion-Powered Apple Mac Mini Coming

Chalk this up to dubious, but according to Tom's Hardware, sources at an nVidia partner have said that Apple has a Mac Mini refresh sporting nVidia's Ion platform in the works. Apparently Apple had some very early prototype systems, before many other partners, no doubt partly by dint by of its collaboration with nVidia on pushing 9400M out, via the recently updated MacBook range. Assuming such a development is happening at all, of course.

Other sites' sources, though, conflict with this report, suggesting that ION will actually see its way into Apple TV boxes. That makes a lot of sense, as the relatively low processing power but very small form factor is a perfect match for the HD media streaming box. Especially with the 9400M chipset's excellent HD decoding capabilities.

That Ion would appear in refreshed Apple TV boxes, rather than Mac Minis, definitely seems more likely. Yes, nettops have their place, but with rivals such as the Dell Studio Hybrid slowly offering compelling (albeit Windows-based) alternatives, Apple surely needs to compete with systems offering similar performance.

There is a possibility, though, that both Atom and Ion-powered and regular Core 2 Duo (or even quad!) Mac Minis could be launched together, obviously having a reasonable pricing gap between them to differentiate the performance difference. Supposedly the new Mac Mini will be launched in March, so feel free to speculate wildly until then.


6849.html Tom's Hardware.


January 16, 2009, 6:35 pm

""...with rivals such as the Dell Studio Hybrid slowly offering compelling..."


"(albeit Windows-based) alternatives,..."


Yo-yo moment.

In all seriousness, I'm looking at the mac mini myself. I'd love to get an iMac but the price for the 24 inch is so high, and I want to have a huge screen to work on. All I'm using is this 13inch screen on my Vaio (1280 x 800), yeah, it gets cramped pretty quick. The price hopefully will come down or at least offer more for the money than the current minis' (Apple though, so not holding my breath), like the idea of being able to choose my own monitor although I like the all in one idea more but price...

And now for the wild speculation, **cracks knuckles**, starting price of $500, hdmi and dvi out, terabyte hard drives, blu-ray drives, 4gigs of memory, hmm, quad core power, discrete graphics, and oh what else... Anybody?


January 16, 2009, 7:29 pm

It'll be displayport only, HDMI no way. Also will just be regular DVD as stevie said "BluRay was a bag of hurt".

Shame :(

Mathew White

January 17, 2009, 11:21 pm

I've been using my 2Ghz Mac Mini as a media centre for 6 months now and slowly encoding lots of video in the hope of one day streaming it over a wireless N netowrk to a scrummy AppleTV.

Sadly, after recently buying one, I had to return it as it just couldn't cope with 25fps standard video encoded at 3500kbps. (something I did as I have a projector) I'd love to see a decent processor in those units capable of playing back full HD content - I really hope Apple will get around to giving us an AppleTV that's man enough for the job. then I'll snap one up again.

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