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Rumour: Next-gen Wii In 2011


Rumour: Next-gen Wii In 2011

According to blog what They Play, Nintendo is well into the process of developing it's next generation console which will, apparently, be with us "by 2011". Of course, pretty much any fool could make an educated guess that Nintendo is likely to be working on its Wii successor by now, but we're not indisposed to hearing some (however tenuous) confirmation of that fact. Besides, everyone else seems to be going speculation crazy so I wanted to get in on the fun.

What They Play's multiple (unnamed) sources are supposedly calling the device the Wii HD, likening the update to that from the GameBoy (and, presumably, GameBoy Colour) to the Game Boy Advance. Said sources are apparently also in consensus that the 'Wii' nomenclature will remain in some capacity.

Hardware is not, by these accounts, expected to compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft's next generation systems, although HD visuals are on the bill. As with the Wii, Nintendo is expected to focus its efforts towards delivering a fun gaming experience, rather than out and out performance. It's an attitude that paid dividends for the Wii, and there's little reason to think it wouldn't work for its successor.

A lot could change in the next two-and-a-bit years, though.


What They Play.


October 1, 2008, 11:51 pm

As someone who has just finished playing Corruption. And is now playing it again on Hypermode, Nintendo really needs to focus on graphics as well as game play.

I think the controls are amazing, and immerse, and a perfect fit for this game. However, I couldn't shake the notion that this game would look so much better on the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

The music and everything is done really well. But I wasn't drawn into the experience as much as I would have liked. Retro did what they could, and kudos to them for a fantastic job with the limited hardware. It is a beautiful game, lovely art direction.

But the controls actually exceed the visuals and that leads to an unbalanced experience. The game just doesn't come together in a nice package.

What a shame, Nintendo has this great control scheme that is let down by mediocre visuals.


October 2, 2008, 1:11 pm

It's interesting that Ohmz has brought up Corruption. I have to say, it is one of the Wii games that makes me uneasy about the Wii, like Twilight Princess. Both are great games, but I couldn't shake (to use Ohmz's pun!) that I would have enjoyed them more playing with a Gamecube controller. I think we need some more good games that where designed for the Wii controller, and not using more traditional gameplay mechanics with the new controllers (if there had been the option in both Corruption and Twilight Princess, I would have used a Gamecube controller). Feel free to disagree with me though!


October 2, 2008, 1:12 pm

As an avid Nintendo follower over the years - even owning and more surprisingly enjoying the Virtual Boy - I find it difficult to guess what Nintendo's next move will be. All things considered though, Id feel it would be commercial suicide to go back to the old days of taking on the competition on all fronts (graphics, processors and other tach specs as well as games).

Nintendo knew it was fighting a losing battle on the hardcore gamer front and correctly opted to focus on other areas - I see that continuing and envisage a console matching the Wii's appeal with 360/PS3 level of graphics. It will no doubt look "dated" compared to Microsoft and Sony's anticipated offerings but I think the majority of the market that Nintendo carved out for itself will buy it regardless. I know I will! But of late, Nintendo aren't exactly know for doing things straightforward so expect the unexpected!

And for the record I own a Wii and 360 - and thoroughly enjoy both. The multiplayer experience just cant be matched by the other next gen consoles in my opinion.


October 2, 2008, 3:37 pm


The Wii's graphics are out of date already....I ummed and ahhed about getting a Wii but finally decided the graphics quality would just annoy me.

Nintendo should really be aiming to release a higher spec Wii for Xmas 2009 if they really want to remain competitive!


October 4, 2008, 3:23 pm

What would be a great idea is if they added Head Tracking for the Wii, as explained here.


this would provide an immersive 3D environment that would give the Wii even more of an edge in terms of "firsts" - oh, and an improvement in graphics would be vital too!


October 7, 2008, 1:25 pm

2011 does seem like an awfully long ways away. They really are going to squeeze every last drop of revenue out of this thing.

As pointed out above, anyone with a TV above 28" is probably struggling to get along with the saw blade, jagged edged, blatant polygon graphics but lets not forget the target audience for this device and where Nintendo got it right as they are the on;ly company to have not forget this.

Kids, who by and large have little TVs in their room. Like it or not (and this is probably not a Super Nanny approved message) but half of the point of games consoles is to keep the kids quite in their rooms.

Give them a PS3 or an xBox360 and BAM, they are pestering you to connect it to you 42" HD pride and joy in your living room, that you bought to watch the footy on.

Maybe by 2011 more people will be onto their next HDTV purchase which doesn't suffer from all the black level issues and blurring that plague many HDTVs right now and the TV that you have in you living room will have found it''s way into little Jonny's room and then higher resolutions will be needed.

But for now, the wii works well on a portable or the old 28" widescreen that was your pride and joy before you succumbed to the flat panel HDTV madness that gripped the nation.

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