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Rumour: Microsoft Bringing Sky to Xbox


Rumour: Microsoft Bringing Sky to Xbox

When Microsoft said it had a TV-related announcement to make this week, I assumed it would be an update to its Xbox Video Marketplace of some sort. According to Rapid TV News, however, it's set to be much, much more interesting. Apparently Microsoft will be bringing Sky TV to the Xbox 360.

No source is cited so it's unclear quite how "Rapid TV News understands that the long-awaited link up between BSkyB and Microsoft's X-Box (sic) is at last going to happen." I'm not particularly convinced such a partnership was exactly "long-awaited," but I am suddenly very taken with the idea.

Certainly there's a level of plausibility to this rumour. Microsoft has proved that it can offer a pretty successful video-on-demand service and Sky would surely love access to the millions of potential subscribers who own Xbox 360s but don't have a Sky box. It's all going to be about the pricing, should this come to fruition.

Microsoft's going to have a lot of disappointed journalists on its hands tomorrow if it isn't announcing Sky on Xbox at its TV-centric something launch…


Rapid TV News.


May 27, 2009, 6:48 pm

It would be more interesting if they offered iPlayer on the xbox.....


May 27, 2009, 7:12 pm

I use PlayTV with my Sony PS3 which works great, would be good if Microsoft could come up with something similar for the X box 360. Freeview provides plenty of channels and I don't want the expense of subscribing to Sky. The X box 360 Hard Drive could be used to store recorded programs in the same way as PlayTV and you have the same USB connection for connecting the Tuner device.


May 27, 2009, 7:20 pm

I can see this being very similar to proposed online subscriptions...


I suppose it could even play the same streams as the online sub.


May 27, 2009, 7:57 pm

just add sky movies for £50 a year on top the standard subscription and I'm sold. For the love of god can we have the iplayer (the iphone has it for goodness sakes)

Martin Leventon

May 27, 2009, 8:16 pm

Could be interesting, most likely be sky content downloadable from marketplace. @andrew You wont find iplayer anywhere near the 360 unless microsoft waves the development fees (mentioned in a interview with the iplayer top dog, no source to be able to link to im afraid)


May 27, 2009, 8:17 pm

@Andrew - Believe it or not, it's actually easier to implement iPlayer on the iPhone than it is on the Xbox. The iPhone already has a web browser than can stream video, whereas the Xbox would need a purpose built iPlayer app to do the same job. I'm sure it's on the Beeb's to-do list though.


May 27, 2009, 9:56 pm

What has the damn Iplayer got to do with this? Is aunty beeb paying you in kind? It's a flash player that plays repeats of endless drivel.


May 28, 2009, 3:05 am

@hank What is uncle ITV paying you?


May 28, 2009, 12:45 pm

The lure of 250 channels of utter tripe and having to pay for it will make the Xbox even more irresistable .....

Jim McSlim

May 28, 2009, 2:23 pm

Every time a story comes up about Microsoft and XBox's push to be more than just a games console I feel compelled to say: IT'S. TOO. FREAKING. LOUD! I have an XBox 360 Elite and I really love it, and agree that more video options (whether Sky or iPlayer, both would be great) would be a good thing... but even when the DVD player is not spinning there is still a noticeable whirr (I don't have a soundproof cabinet to lock it behind... and really don't think that my living room should have to look like a server room).


May 29, 2009, 12:50 am

@ chris It would be as simple as releasing it as an arcade game/plugin and since the xbox already has several plug ins such as inside xbox videos etc it really actually isn't that hard especially since the xbox would have no trouble player even the HD feeds.


May 29, 2009, 6:06 am


LOL I must rub my eyes even broadcasters have fanboys. ITV output dwarfs the beeb on drivel.


May 29, 2009, 6:31 pm


Sure, but remember the *unique* way that the BBC is funded. It's all about the money.

Here's an extract from an interview with Anthony Rose, the boss of iPlayer:

'First up, we can divide portable and gaming devices into those that include a web browser (iPhone, Nintendo Wii, Nokia N95, etc) and those that don't (Apple TV, Xbox, most mobile phones, most home media servers, etc).

'For devices with browsers, assuming that those browsers are able to access and display the BBC iPlayer website, getting BBC iPlayer working on those devices "merely" requires us to provide audio and/or video streams in a format that is supported by the media player(s) available on that device.

'For devices without browsers, it becomes necessary to create custom applications that users need to install and run on that device. There's little standardisation across devices, and creating these custom apps is time-consuming and expensive; so for now, we're focusing on browser-enabled devices.'

That was over a year ago, still no Xbox iPlayer...

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