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Rumour: HP Culling Voodoo


Rumour: HP Culling Voodoo

Rumour has it that HP is planning to shut down Voodoo, some two years after having bought the company. According to TechGage, the information comes from internat Voodoo emails, relating to lay-offs at the company.

Supposedly Voodoo's Canadian-based operating facility has been shipping stock back to its suppliers. Topower, a power supply company, had around 300 power supplies returned. Given the small number of systems such as the Voodoo Omen and HP Blackbird that are sold, that relatively small amount of components could have large connotations as to what's planned for Voodoo.

Of course there's the quite likely chance that HP could simply be closing Voodoo in Canada and assimilating the production of those systems into its other production lines. That would explain the layoffs, without meaning that the Voodoo brand is set to be killed off. We don't know how much Voodoo cost HP, but it can't have been cheap and it seems unlikely HP would simply throw the brand away.

Where did I put my salt cellar?




September 24, 2008, 4:12 pm

What're these "internat Voodoo emails" you speak of, and when will HP bring out their first Internat compatible PC? ;-p


September 25, 2008, 2:01 am

it's not like voodoo really sold stuff in the uk, anyway...

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