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Rumour: 7in iPad on the Way


Rumour: 7in iPad on the Way

It may have sold more than you could shake a stick at but there are rumours that a smaller 7in version of the iPad could be with us by Christmas.

The information comes from the translation of a Chinese language newspaper, Economic Daily News, which states that Apple supplier Chimei Innolux will be providing the 7in versions of the IPS based screen that's used in the iPad of 9.7in fame. Touchscreen tech will come from Cando Corportion, and Compal will put it all together.

According to the reports, the thinking behind the move is that for many, the iPad is a mostly stay-at-home device, as it’s too big and heavy to regularly take out and about. A smaller, lighter version would certainly solve that problem, and assuming the display resolution remains the same as the current model, it would make for an even sharper display for reading.

Amazon offers two sizes of its Kindle e-reader, with two new 6in models accompanying the 9.7in Kindle DX – though this larger model is only available internationally from Amazon.com.

Despite rumours, Apple has never produced a ‘nano’ version of its iPhone, which has remained virtually the same size since its 2007 launch. However, the iPod has spawned a number of significant variations, with four distinct lines currently on sale.

If Apple were to release a smaller iPad in time for Christmas we would expect to hear about it officially pretty soon – if not, add this one to the mountainous Apple rumour pile.

Link: Economin Daily News (in Chinese)

Via: Thinq.

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