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Rumour: Apple Readying iTunes Replay Streaming Service

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Another day another Apple-related rumour. If it isn't a supposed ION-based Mac Mini then it's a proposed film streaming service to be added to iTunes called iTunes Replay.

The service would, according to Apple Insider, in essence allow users to decide whether either to download films and TV shows once purchased on iTunes, or simply play them directly. Potentially Apple might even introduce a different pricing scheme for streaming-only viewing. Especially as, unlike downloaded video, such content couldn't be transferred to an iPod or Apple TV.

Speaking of Apple TV, while there's no word from Apple Insider's sources, it doesn't seem a huge stretch to think streaming would be possible on that device, too. Certainly, having such streaming enabled outside of iTunes on a PC should only increase the revenue Apple can garner from the service.

You can mark this up under "pretty likely" if you ask me.

Apple Insider.

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