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Ricoh Upgrades CX1 After Less Than Six Months

Gordon Kelly


Ricoh Upgrades CX1 After Less Than Six Months

We loved the Ricoh CX1, in fact so much I bought one, but technology stands still for no-one...

This week sees Ricoh launch the 'CX2' just five months since the release of its predecessor. So what makes it a worthy upgrade? In short: rather a lot. The 9.1MP count stays the same, but we see the zoom upgraded from 7.1x to an extremely impressive 10.1x and full resolution continuous shooting gets a speed boost from four to 5fps.

On top of this face detection is added to easy shooting mode and newbies should benefit from new Pre-AF and Continuous AF functions. There are also new scene modes including 'high contrast B&W' and 'minaturize mode', plus the addition of an Auto option for automatically defining the range expansion effect in dynamic range double shot mode.

Aside from this the CX2 stays true to what we loved about the CX1: it's ultra fast Smooth Imaging Engine IV, and HDR shooting capability. The Ricoh CX2 will go on sale in September with an RRP of £299.99 and it's fair to say we're a little bit in love...


Ricoh CX2 product page

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