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Revamped Facebook Questions Rolls Out

David Gilbert


Revamped Facebook Questions Rolls Out

We all know that the internet a pretty good source of information, but where it does fall down is giving us opinions on really important matters, such as which is the best flavour of Pot Noodle - but thankfully Facebook Questions is here to save us.

Questions has been in testing for about 12 months now and it is finally rolling out to users around the world and will let them access friends' recommendations on all manner of worthy subjects. Once it's activated, the new tool shows up at the top of your News Feed as a share option along with status updates, links, photos, and video. To ask a question, you’ll have the option to create a poll – with restricted answers – or one that allows anybody to add answers. And even if you don’t want to ask a question with a specific answer, ("What is it all about?") then friends can use the comment section to expound on their opinions.

“There are a lot of places you can go on the internet to ask questions of people who you don’t know, but there are very few places you can go to get responses from your friends,” said Adrian Graham, a project manager for Questions. “We thought that this is where we should focus.” The fact that these questions and answers will now show up in your news feeds rather than on a seperate page is obviously going to make them more visible and therefore will probably lead to many more people asking you questions. Facebook displays the answers as boxes and highlights each, depending on the popularity of each answer – as well as putting the thumbnail of people who gave that answer following it. This will immediately let you identify that strange person who said Doner Kebab was the best flavour of Pot Noodle.

The updated version will be rolled out to testers first who will start asking questions, and the feature will automatically be pushed to their friends. If you can’t wait for that long you can download it here and ask us a question on our Facebook page

Source: The Facebook Blog via Mashable

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