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Retro ITV Shows Coming To iTunes


Retro ITV Shows Coming To iTunes

ITV may arguably offer the worst line-up of TV programmes of the terrestrial five these days, but it does have a pretty decent back catalogue of older stuff - generally relegated to ITV3 (Cadfael and Hornblower anyone?). No longer do you need to tune to obscure channels to catch these classics, though, as Apple and ITV have just announced a deal to distribute over 260 hours of archived content over iTunes.

Such classics as Inspector Morse, The Saint and Captain Scarlet are up for purchase, so there should be something for everyone. ITV isn't the first broadcaster to offer its content up on iTunes, the BBC did that first. If it comes to a choice between Torchwood and Captain Scarlet I know on which side my bread is buttered.

All considered I feel pretty confident in saying that Apple is almost certainly onto a winner with this deal. Doubtless many of you would happily pay the trifling cost, or better still grab a whole series at a slight discount on the per-episode price, for the opportunity for a little nostalgia.

But enough of this, I hear the voice of the Mysterons beckoning…


ITV content (requires iTunes).

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