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Real Machines Unleashes 4GHz PC


Real Machines Unleashes 4GHz PC

Intel and AMD may have changed tack when it comes to marketing their processors but there’s something very comforting about a big fat number like 4GHz. If you suffer from uncontrollable clock speed lust and are comfortable with the fact that you’ve got more money that sense then Real Machines has got a PC for you.

This machine is based on a 3.6GHz Pentium 4E but is guaranteed to run at 4GHz. It's housed in a Asetek XE Vapochill case that cools both the CPU and the ATi X800 XT PCI Express graphics card. The coolant used is ‘InertX’, a liquid that won’t affect your components if the system develops a leak. Which is nice.

Two 512Mb Corsair XMS DDR2 modules are used to give a total of 1GB of memory. There are also two WD740GD Raptor hard drives in a RAID 0 array as well as a 200GB Seagate hard drive for data storage.

The display is a 20.1in Eizo TFT but CRTs will also be an option for those that prefer them.

There’s plenty of attention to detail as the case is coated with the same three-colour Flip paint that you’ll find on a TVR sports car which costs a staggering £500 for one litre. Real Machines says that the results are amazing and claims that the photos don’t do proper justice to the looks of this PC.

So how much will all this excess set you back? A cool £4,111 including VAT.


For those that wish to join this special club of uber-PC owners, Real Machines guarantees that each machine will be built and configured by a single technician, rather than on a production line. Delivery will be by its own company driver to avoid any risk of damage in transit, and the driver will also unbox the PC at the customer’s home. In the event of a problem there is a standard two year collect and return warranty, with the option to upgrade to an on-site warranty if the customer prefers.

Real Machines will be hosting gaming servers for its customers and it will also invite them to LAN parties and IT events. When the time comes for an upgrade Real Machines will even allow you a trade-in on your old graphics card or processor, so you can keep your Real Machine at the bleeding edge.

Sounds pretty impressive to us. Now we're just off to buy a lottery ticket.


www.realmachines.co.uk (Site live from late September 2004).

Nalliah Thayabharan

July 22, 2014, 1:40 pm

Intel's replacement for its current Intel Core i7-4770K CPU is the company’s first chip with a clock speed of 4GHz. The new 4GHz CPU is part of a range of refreshed chips launched in June, with the two high-end K-series models codenamed Devil’s Canyon called the Core i5-4690K and Core i7-4790K, with the latter offering 4GHz. Using Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, the CPU will actually increase this figure to 4.4GHz when under load for extra performance. The cheaper Core i5-4690K will apparently offer a default clock speed of 3.5GHz and will Turbo Boost to 3.9GHz. Tthe new CPUs will also feature an improved thermal interface between the CPU core and heat spreader. Heat has plagued Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Haswell-based processors such as the Core i7-3770K and Core i7-4770K, with many people removing the heatspreaders and using their own thermal paste.
Combined with higher clock speeds, it’s quite possible that the new CPUs could easily reach 5GHz with a good cooler if you overclock them – something that hasn’t been widely possible since its Sandy Bridge-based processors such as the Core i7-2600K.
Intel has also just launched its new Z97 chipset, which provides native support for M.2 and SATA Express EXPR storage standards that offer up to 10Gbps bandwith compared to 6Gbps currently available using modern SATA ports. However, there is still speculation over support for the new Devil’s Canyon CPUs and indeed for its successor, codenamed Broadwell, expected late 2014/early 2015. New Z97 chipset supports both new CPUs, however, it’s possible that Intel’s previous chipset, Z87, which is still widely available, may not support all future Devil’s Canyon and Broadwell CPUs. Intel’s rival AMD, passed the 4GHz mark some time ago and actually has a 5GHz CPU in the form of the FX-9590. However, AMD is known to have a lower clock-for-clock efficiency, meaning its CPUs often don’t quite match Intel’s in terms of performance at the same clock speed

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