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Razer Tron Gaming Mouse Announced

David Gilbert


Razer Tron Gaming Mouse Goes On Sale

In terms of film tie-ins with gaming peripherals, there couldn’t be a more suitable film than the iconic and genre-altering Tron which saw Jeff Bridges’ character Flynn enter a computer world and battle the nasty Master Controller Program.

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has announced the release of its Tron inspired gaming mouse which is adorned by blue lights and sound effects similar to those seen and heard on the Light Cycles in the film. Of course the release of the mouse is in conjunction with Tron Legacy, the sequel to the original, which is due for release next month. The snazzy mouse will set you back about £85.

The mouse itself however is not just a lightweight toy with fancy lights and whistles, with Razer promising you “tournament grade precision.” The mouse is equipped with the 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensor and seven Hyperesponse Buttons. The mouse also has an ambidextrous design to appease all the right- and left-handed gamers out there.

Razer, which has previously brought us the Mamba gaming mouse, has also promised more peripherals based on the Tron universe such as a blue-lit keyboard and a game grid mouse mat. No doubt in the coming weeks we will see these coming on stream prior to the films release. You will then be able to immerse yourself in the Tron Legacy game, with your Tron mouse, keyboard and mouse mat and dressed in your vintage “Flynn Lives” t-shirt.

Check out more details at Razer’s website.

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