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RIM Rolls Out BlackBerry App World 1.1

Gordon Kelly


RIM Rolls Out BlackBerry App World 1.1

RIM's BlackBerry App World got off to a solid, if unspectacular start, but things should improve now it's first major update has arrived...

Importantly App World v1.1 now brings the store to no less than 14 countries (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and the Channel Islands {!} are added to the UK, US and Canada) plus five languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish). This should finally give the store some global traction. As for new features RIM lists them as:

Enhanced Performance

BlackBerry App World 1.1 features faster image and icon loading, giving you the information you want - faster.

Sort Your Searches

Search and find exactly the apps you want. Look for "free" or "paid" apps, or search by category: music, games, weather and other apps. Sort your results by most popular, newest, highest rated and more.

Archive Your Apps

Load even more of your favourite apps onto your microSD card - ensuring that no matter where you go, or even if you change BlackBerry smartphones, all your applications come with you.

Memory Indicator

Always know exactly how much memory you have with the new memory status bar. When you've exceeded your memory, a message will appear guiding you on how to free up more space.

Now all of these are handy additions though I'd argue apps should work happily no matter whether they are installed on the handset directly or external memory. RIM you can't preach the benefits of microSD if you can't run content properly from them.

Furthermore it is a shame that we're still stuck using Paypal which - as anyone who has every used eBay will tell you - is the devil incarnate. Throwaway prices for throwaway apps is also vital since the £2 minimum is getting a little silly.

So it's a start but there's still a lot of catching up to be done compared to you know who...


BlackBerry App World 1.1

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