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RIM Rep Says Storm 2 Has New Input Method

Gordon Kelly


RIM Rep Says Storm 2 Has New Input Method

Surprise, surprise RIM has started talking about the 'Storm 2' (name TBC) just 48 hours after I wrote "Storm 2 speculation won't start for another few days yet"...

Speaking to Dutch website tweakers.net, a RIM spokesperson has confirmed the impending handset will utilise "a new manner to input text". Hmmmn...

Now first off let's just say the existing 'Click Screen' is a love/hate it affair only comparable with Marmite and the iPhone (I can hear the shudders/swoons from here) and "a new manner" doesn't necessarily mean a replacement, it could be an addition. Either way, while Apple took roughly two years to listen to its customers' need with iPhone OS 3.0 RIM looks to be responding inside six months.

Another area which has also been much speculated upon is WiFi - a criminal omission from the original - and my rather reliable sources confirm to me that this is a nailed on certainty for the Storm's successor. We shouldn't be surprised if it appears on a wider array of networks than Vodafone in the UK and Verizon in the US.

Anything else? Not for the moment, but we all know RIM's chocolate fireguard security will see the juicy details split within the next few weeks. As my intro shows, it is just that reassuringly predictable...


via tweakers.net (Translated)


April 9, 2009, 4:46 pm

I think that RIM still leads when it comes to hardware based QWERTY keybords and should stick at improving their phones rather than getting involved in the touch-interface war. I have a Storm and an iPhone and the iPhone is a far better phone to use straight out of the box for typing. I am told, you get used to the Storm touch screen, but I still find it hard work after a few months and am put off sending longe emails.

What they should be working on is how the options menus are so deeply buried, it gets really hard to find anything.


April 9, 2009, 11:31 pm

well, RIM throws all the options to you compared to iphone's simplicity. Guess it does make technicians feel good to twick with a blackberry...

patrick huggart

April 15, 2009, 7:07 am

I have the storm one but i fine in slo is dear a software to make it fasta. That my comment i just hope that dear is a software to make it fasta The storm 2 look like it is fasta .but i like it

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