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RIM Releases BlackBerry OS 6 Video Preview & Find my Phone Rival

Gordon Kelly


RIM Releases BlackBerry OS 6 Video Preview & Find my Phone Rival

If RIM is to make a credible BlackBerry tablet it will need to produce a more modern, touchscreen friendly version of its OS. Oh. hang. on....

Following a rather useless style over substance video teaser in April, we now have something concrete to go on.

"In the almost ten years I’ve worked at Research In Motion (RIM), I’ve never been as excited about a BlackBerry software launch as I am for BlackBerry 6, which is on track for release this summer." said Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management. "I’m absolutely in love with the BlackBerry 6 experience and I expect other longtime users like me will feel the same."

We've been through the main BlackBerry OS 6 features before, but the key additions are a completely overhauled, multi-touch friendly UI, a Webkit browser, redesigned core apps and a new media player. The key will be making it operate with as much fluidity as it does in this video - especially as RIM makes handsets across a wide variety of form factors and budgets. Get this right, however, and we may well see a rejuvenated RIM pulling at our purse strings once more (not that I carry a purse, you understand).

Interestingly RIM is also going after Apple's popular Find my Phone which it integrates into MobileMe. Like Apple's service, 'BlackBerry Protect' can find a handset via GPS, remotely lock and/or wipe it, activate an alarm on the phone (controlled using a web browser) and put up a message on the screen requesting its safe return with your contact details.

BlackBerry Protect will launch in a limited beta through BlackBerry Beta Zone later this week via invite codes. Beta Zone members keep your fingers crossed...


BlackBerry OS 6 Blog Announcement

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July 13, 2010, 6:32 am

Wow! Apple and Google have been doing whatever it is in that video for over a year now; in Apples' case three years!

It just goes to show you that RIM is playing catch up. I hope they can maintain a strong presence in the market.

Can't let the Americans have all the fun can we? :)

Adam Foreman

July 13, 2010, 2:05 pm

It's not just the OS that needs updating, its the whole lot. All phones are under spec'd, the operating system is sluggish old and antiquated and top of that it's the only company that needs a dedicated Blackberry service for email which you have to pay extra for! Even my company is moving to iPhone 4 and away from Blackberry's.


July 13, 2010, 3:12 pm

"(not that I carry a purse, you understand)"


@Adam: Your company is moving to iPhone 4? Are they just trying to cut down on call costs?

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