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RIM PlayBook Shows Browser Capabilities

David Gilbert


It seems that RIM is winning the vital battle of garnering a lot of hype for its product prior to its release. The 7in PlayBook tablet computer is already one of the most anticipated devices we are looking for here at CES, and a couple of new videos released by RIM have only whetted our appetite more.

The first of the videos shows how powerful the browser on the PlayBook is. RIM is obviously confident that such a powerful browser will mean that you don’t need apps to access the web, a claim made by RIM head man Jim Balsillie, a couple of months ago. The video shows the browser effortlessly displaying HTML5 video playback as well as Flash video, within the full desktop version of the YouTube site. The video goes on to show that the dual core tablet will be able to display the full Facebook site without compromise, including Flash games and Facebook Chat – something the iPad simply cannot do.

The second video is pretty jargon heavy and aimed primarily at developers. It shows the SDK and tries to highlight the simplicity of programming for the PlayBook. Developers will no doubt be interested in this video, as we reported last month that any developer who submits an app and gets it approved to the app store will receive a free PlayBook.

The second video tells us that the PlayBook will be available in early 2011 (initially in the States then globally by the middle of 2011) and as we reported in November, is going to be “very competitively priced” at “under $500”. Wiith CES now only hours away from starting, we are on the ground to get all the latest news from RIM and we have hands-on time booked with the PlayBook to give you our first-hand opinion of the tablet.

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