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RIM Confirms BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch

Gordon Kelly


RIM Confirms BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch

There is currently something of a fad building for phone related watches. The LG GD910 seemed to kick things off and the Hyundai MP-910 quickly followed., but we didn't expect RIM to suddenly dive in...

To be fair, there are differences. The 'BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch' (have to appreciate literal branding) is more of an accessory to a BlackBerry smartphone than a phone in itself. It will however "give alerts when emails, BlackBerry Messenger messages, texts, tweets and Facebook wallposts are received. It'll also allow for wireless connection to transfer music and videos."

Furthermore, the watch isn't the only new product category RIM is exploring. The 'Alpha 1 BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset' will be the company's first branded headset in a "black chrome shell with BlackBerry logo and buttons".

"The form of silicone liner Alpha 1 {uses{ is extremely convenient; it may be the best solution on the market," enthused RIM VP Antoine Boucher. "It allows you to receive calls, listen to your favourite music and {enables} voice commands for navigation applications."

As you might expect, there is no information about pricing or availability at this stage. Still, given that love it/hate it company from Cupertino earns a small fortune from its accessories it probably isn't a bad idea for RIM to step up this part of its game.

Update: Many thanks to reader R Sharp (apt surname) for spotting the image itself appears to be a photoshopped version of the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch - a new product on us. It is possible RIM is licensing the design, but it looks more like a mock-up for illustration. I'm checking now with RIM for a clarification.


via BlackBerryOS.com

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