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RED Scarlet 2/3 Priced & Detailed

Gordon Kelly


RED Scarlet 2/3 Priced & Detailed

RED is, well... a law unto itself - but this is its closest compromise for the 'mainstream' yet...

The company has detailed the 'Scarlet 2/3' and it has received both spec and price bumps since it was originally teased late last year. Consequently we have a model with an ASIC and four additional boards capable of shooting 3k REDCODE RAW video at 120fps (up to 150fps in burst mode) and scaled down 1080p and 720p HD footage at 60fps.

Lens compatibility incudes RED, and 'most' Arri 19mm, Studio 15mm, 15mm Lite, Panavision and NATA accessories. While other features include a five-axis sensor plate, three-axis motion sensor, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi control and a raft of outputs such as HDMI, eSATA, USB, FireWire and CompactFlash.

Two versions will be available: the $4,750 Scarlet 8X Fixed package which bundles the body (or 'brain' as RED likes to call it) plus a fixed 8x zoom lens, side CF module, REDmote, 2.8-inch touchscreen with touch focus tracking, REDVOLT battery and travel charger. There is also the body only kit at $2,750.

On the downside this is RED so expect delays, dithering, further spec changes and more before the Scarlet 2/3 allegedly lands in May/June. Being superficial for a minute, I'd say that just like every single product RED makes the Scarlet 2/3 keeps up the tradition of being hideously ugly, but then again no-one complains when Wayne Rooney pulls on an England shirt...



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