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'Pwned' App To Revolutionise iPhone Unlocking

Gordon Kelly


'Pwned' App To Revolutionise iPhone Unlocking

Think ZiPhone was cool? You ain't seen nothing yet...

Looking to steal its crown back from the famous Zibri this week is the iPhone Dev Team whch has come up with the mother of all iPhone unlocking tools to date, an app it lovingly calls 'Pwnage'.

Pwnage is essentially a software update which enables an iPhone handset to installed unsigned firmware. Dwell, on this for a minute... ok? Yep, this means hackers can do all the hard work integrating their latest cracks/unlocks/applications directly into the newest firmware and all a user with a 'pwned' iPhone has to do is restore that hacked firmware via file in iTunes.

Yep, if it wasn't already so easy a newbie could do it - now your grandmother should be able to carry out an iPhone jailbreak as well!

When will we see this latest piece of extreme hack-o-rama? The iPhone Dev Team says the first beta will go on public test this week and there's already a mouthwatering video of Pwnage in action. Officially game over? If it wasn't already, now I'd certainly say so...

Note: Pic courtesy of Gizmodo


iPhone Dev Team

Pwnage Video

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