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PushLife Bought Out By Google

David Gilbert


PushLife Bought Out By Google

Google just loves to tease us, and following a couple of hints last week, today we get another pointer towards what Google's music streaming service could be like.

Head over to the website of music collation and purchasing app, PushLife, and you will see that the Canadian company has been gobbled up by Google in what is likely to be another step towards us seeing Google's streaming service make an appearance. Last week we saw a glimpse of what the streaming service could look like and the removal of Grooveshark from the Android Market in what could be preparation for the release of the service some time soon.

PushLife, which has been in operation since 2008, has been developing an app for Android and BlackBerry which offers purchases from an integrated music store, collates your music between your phone and computer and syncs playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player. Last December the app was launched here for Virgin mobiles but it will now be discontinued as the company is swallowed up by Google. The search giant is believed to have paid around $25million for the Canadian company and staff from PushLife will now go to work in Google's Canadian base.

With Google I/O 2011, its developer conference, coming up at the beginning of next month, it would seem like an appropriate time for the company to announce its much anticipated music streaming service - but we're not holding our breath.

Source: PushLife

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