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Pure Unveils Stunning 'Sensia' Touchscreen Web & DAB Radio

Gordon Kelly


Pure Unveils Stunning 'Sensia' Touchscreen Web & DAB Radio

DAB and web radios are generally much of a muchness, but every so often something comes along with blows them all out of the water...

That's exactly what Pure has done today with the announcement of the 'Sensia' which it describes as bringing "radio to the Facebook generation". Translation: the world's first high resolution DAB and web radio with a large, colour touchscreen and gobsmacking finger friendly Linux-based user interface.

How large? A whopping 5.7in 640 x 480 display is in there and brings not just easy access to DAB/DAB+/FM stations, web radio and podcasts as we've seen before, but also rich content such as weather, news, Picasa, Facebook and Twitter content via a growing set of Pure custom apps. Tantalisingly, Pure also says a Spotify app may be in the pipeline along with its own MP3 store where you would be able to buy music directly on the Sensia and transfer it to different computers around the home.

Beyond this the Sensia is also a media streamer using built in WiFi and Ethernet so users can listen to music stored on their home computer or NAS. It will even import the album art. We're still not finished either, because the Sensia features 'Listen again' technology to hear supported radio shows on-demand and 'Pure Sounds' makes an appearance bringing a library of relaxing sounds which can be played back or set as alarms. As for the actual sound output, Pure's 'Clearsound technology' is inside and the speakers are capable of a potent 30W RMS. iPods and MP3 players can be connected directly too, while a smart remote will work up to 10m away without direct line of sight.

In the Sensia Pure has a potential game changer on its hands and at £249.99 it isn't as expensive as I'd have expected either. Black, white, red and yellow finishes will be available when the Sensia launches in late October. Expect the line at the hot cakes stand to disappear when this hits shelves...


Touch My Radio (Pure Sensia microsite)

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