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Pure Unveils Evoke Flow Internet Radio

Andy Vandervell


Pure Unveils Evoke Flow Internet Radio

Internet Radio, outside of PCs at least, hasn't really taken off in a big way but DAB radio specialists Pure is planning to change all of that with its new effort, the Evoke Flow. Based on a brand new Linux based platform that the company has been working on for some time now, it aims to make Internet Radio more accessible and easier to use for all, while also providing the backbone for a whole new range of Internet enabled devices.

Like any good Internet device the Evoke Flow is wireless and will connect to a wireless router. Based inside a rather smart black lacquered casing, the Evoke Flow features context sensitive touch sensitive buttons to aid easy navigation and ensure the minimum of clutter on its front fascia.

Since this is an Internet Radio it has access to hundreds upon thousands of stations, but Pure seems more interested in how you can access them. This is where its new Internet Radio portal, The Lounge, comes in. Here you can create an account, manage your favourite stations and listen to them on your PC and your account can be tied to your Evoke Flow, so any changes made in either are synchronised between the two - pretty neat, eh?

This isn't just an Internet Radio, though; you can also listen to DAB and FM stations as well as access podcasts and the BBC's Listen Again services. Finally, for the icing on the cake, you can stream audio files from a PC and listen to them on your Evoke Flow making it a wireless audio streamer, too!

Available come the end of September, the Evoke Flow will set you back in the region ?150 and we have one already, so look out for a review soon.

Martin Daler

August 22, 2008, 3:27 pm

so aside from a touch interface, what does this do that the venerable Logic IR100 doesn't already do? (well, apart from DAB and FM of course...) Touch interfaces are generally a bad thing. Try using a touch interface when you are half asleep. No good as a bedside radio then.

Geoff Richards

August 22, 2008, 3:36 pm

A fair question, Martin. I'm sure it will be covered in our full review (anyone Googling might want to know that it's Logik not Logic)


September 18, 2008, 3:21 pm

I suspect we are paying a premium for the Pure brand (and it must be said, likely quality), but the new Binatone 'Tranciva IR804' does what this one does, at a third the price. My trusty (if modified) Logik IR100 still does me well, although it has to be placed far away from my DAB equipment. A single DAB/internet device is welcome and good to see a number of manufacturers getting equipment to market.

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