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Pure Launches First 'Works with iPhone' DAB Micro System

Gordon Kelly


Pure Launches First 'Works with iPhone' DAB Micro System

For all its popularity there seems a remarkable lack of RFI shielded docks, speaker and micro systems available to work with the iPhone/iPhone 3G. Thankfully then Pure has bolstered the ranks a little...

The 'Sirocco 150' is allegedly the world's first Apple certified 'Works with iPhone' DAB micro system meaning iPhone's shouldn't have to be put into Airplane Mode to avoid the constant interference suffered from the handset's GSM chitter chatter.

Behind this simple, if highly useful, addition the 150 is a nifty system with DAB/FM plus CD, SD, USB playback and an iPod dock. From USB you'll find MP3/WMA codec support though AAC and Ogg would have been nice as well. There's also the customary sleep timer and alarm which can be set to wake you up from any of its playback mediums. As for oomph (I believe that's the technical term), you'll get 25 Watts RMS from the 4in mid-bass drivers and 1.5in tweeters.

Environmentalists should like the 'EcoPlus' aspect too which means reduced power draw in operation and standby, small packaging made from recycled materials and an ethically approved manufacturing process.

"We are delighted to be bringing out the first fully Apple certified 'Works with iPhone' DAB micro system; there has been huge interest and take up of iPhone and the market for micro hi-fi with DAB is growing," said Pure marketing director Colin Crawford. "The Sirocco 150 provides the integrated iPod functionality and compatibility that consumers are increasingly looking for and all this at a highly competitive price."

Speaking of which, Colin has a point since the £149.99 is far from extortionate considering the typically high quality we've found Pure's kit to be in the past. Units should start shipping this month.




May 18, 2009, 10:39 pm

Why would you want a magnetically shielded dock? I can kind of understand for iPods with mechanical HDDs, but the iPhone is solid state - no magnetic sensitive components inside. Do you mean RFI shielded to stop the dreaded "duh-dudu-duh-dudu" noise phones can sometimes induce in hifi interconnects when too close?


May 19, 2009, 12:22 am

@John apologies, late in the day error. Corrected. I'm going for "de-de-de-ep-de-de-de" rather than "duh-dudu-duh-dudu" though ;)

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