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Pure Drops Three New DAB Radios

Gordon Kelly


Pure Drops Three New DAB Radios

As I grumbled not once, but twice there wasn’t a lot we hadn’t seen or tried before at the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision/The Best of Stuff Show 2006 so it was a pleasant surprise that Pure Digital had a hat trick of new products up its sleeve.

Producing the biggest stage dive of the trio is the EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition which combines the company’s spiffy DAB digital radio technology with an upgraded custom made 3in drive unit and active filters to beef up the speaker system.

In keeping with the branding the Marshall edition is also designed to look like one of the Marshall’s legendary amps and as I own a Valvestate amp myself I’ll admit I was impressed with the likeness. Unfortunately my live pictures from the Pure stand corrupted so I’ve been forced to use official photography though it does bring mummified rocker Alice Cooper to the fore which is never a bad thing.

The EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition can turn the volume up to 11 in your home right now now if you can match the RRP of £99.99. Rock n roll.

In terms of pure (no pun intended) luxury however the way to go is the Legato II. This micro system is available in cherry, maple or piano black veneers and delivers a proportionately epic 30W RMS per channel. Time shifting technology is integrated along with scheduled recording and an EPG and if you have the £349.99 to take it home with you I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.

Lastly, the Elan DX40 is aimed at those on a budget and for £69.99 it integrates DAB functionality with textSCAN, Intellitext (stores news headlines, sports results, etc), and RDS. The model can also have its firmware upgraded via USB though I refuse to list Pure’s “support for a rechargeable battery pack“ as a genuine final feature.

Incidentally, it appears Alice Cooper stopped ageing sometime in the late 80s. How remains less clear.


Pure Digital

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