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Pure Contour iPad Dock Unveiled

David Gilbert


Pure Contour iPod Dock Unveiled

We're just back from CES Unveiled and will be bringing you hands-on video of all the latest devices and technology as soon as we can.


The UK-based digital radio manufacturerPure has announced at CES another in its line of internet-connected DAB radios which doubles as an iPod/iPhone dock by way of a slide-out tray.

We got our hands on the Pure Contour at CES Unveiled this afternoon and it certainly is one of the better looking docks out there and comes with a lot of features which will make it appealing to consumers. First and foremost the Contour's semi-circle black speaker looks well and would not look out of place on most sideboards. The Contour acts as an internet and DAB radio as well as playing music through your Apple devices.

The dock connection is initially hidden and becomes available by pushing in the slide-out tray, which is a nifty solution. The Contour comes loaded with the 7digital-powered Flow Songs allowing you to directly buy songs you hear on the radio - with the help of technology from Shazam. Clearsound is also included which will please heavy metal fans looking to turn the dial all the way to 11.

Connectivity is also well served with aux input, headphone jack and USB port augmented by video outputs including component, S-Video and composite, letting you view videos from your iPod or iPhone on a TV. You can stream audio from your computer straight to the radio, and there’s a remote included too.

The Pure Contour will be available for £200 later this month.

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