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Projectiondesign Reveals 3D Projector


Projectiondesign Reveals 3D Projector

Projectiondesign is a company that knows how to make a good projector, even if it is a tad expensive, as the Action! Model Three showed. The company is no stranger to innovation either, and is proving as much with the announcement of a 3D-capable projector to be released in Korea come September. At least that's what slides snapped by AVing say.

As well as functioning as a standard projector, offering 1080p video output, Projectiondesigns model has an active 3D mode. Unlike passive 3D outputs, which achieve the 3D effect using filters, projectiondesign's system uses active glasses that are kept in sync with the projector itself and block each eye in turn. These glasses are communicated to by the projector using IR and require a power source. The benefit of this method isn't explained, so hopefully more details will come out soon.

To provide the 3D image, a graphics card with dual DVI or VGA outputs and, from the images, a frame sync connector is required. Each video connector transmits one eye's worth of image data, which is processed separately by the projector before being displayed on the screen alternately. In theory a stand-alone player could offer dual HDMI outputs and use HDMI-DVI converters to also drive the projector, so a PC might not necessarily be needed.

Hopefully projectiondesign's projector won't fall into the same trap as the Zalman ZM-M2020W 3D Monitor, by offering a good 3D effect, but otherwise shoddy image quality. More importantly, the company needs to release it in the UK because I imagine a fair few people (more endowed with money than sense perhaps) may want one.



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