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Project Canvas Facing Delays, May be Called 'YouView'

Gordon Kelly


Project Canvas Facing Delays, May be Called 'YouView'

Yet another hitch...?!

According to the Financial Times (it's on fire today) Project Canvas is facing yet more hold ups and may now be pushed back to 2011.

The FT didn't go into any serious detail only saying Canvas partners had confirmed the "protracted scrutiny from the BBC Trust and the Office of Fair Trading has pushed back its likely launch to next spring".

This isn't surprising given the red tape horror show that is the BBC Trust approval process. More promising is the FT reports a shortlist of brand names for the service has been created and the casual-users-will-never-mix-this-up-with-youtube name of 'YouView' is said to be the hot favourite. Can't say it exactly sends chills down my spine, but so long as it's another step towards getting this exciting platform out (Virgin and Sky continue to moan bitterly about it - always a good sign) then fine.

As for those needing a reminder, Project Canvas is an attempt to make an open, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) standard for on-demand services from all the UK's terrestrial broadcasters (BBC, Channel 4, ITV plc, Five) and is also backed by Arqiva, BT and TalkTalk. Third party developers will have access to the expandable platform to create apps and settop boxes will start from £100 (£200 including PVR functionality) and include Freeview. Pay per view content is supported as well.

In short think of it as iPlayer, 4oD, etc all rolled into one with Freeview, HD support and PPV with no need for a satellite or monthly subscription. Yes, no wonder rivals are having a cow...


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