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Producer Takes The Pain Out Of Creating iAds

David Gilbert


Producer Takes The Pain Out Of Creating iAds

While making things easier to do is generally a good thing, making it easier for developers to create ads to populate our mobile apps doesn’t seem like the best application of this hypothesis.

iAds, the mobile advertising platform developed by Apple for its iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, launches this month in Britain and to coincide with this Apple has announced the availability of the iAd Producer. This is effectively a point-and-click ad builder which takes the messy HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript out of the equation. What you are left with is a series of choices depending what you want to put into your ad.

iAds, seen as a rival to Google’s AdMob mobile advertising service, launched in the States last summer and sees ads appear full-screen within an app when you click on the banner. This is in contrast to the current situation where you are taken to a browser when you click on an ad banner.

Within iAd Producer you initially choose the device you want to build an ad for, then choose the page templates, components, animations and effects from dozens available within the Apple library. You can then see - on your Mac or relevant mobile device - how your ad will look and work on a simulator. And if you feel you really want to get your hands dirty, iAd Producer offers JavaScript editing and debugging, along with an extension mechanism that enables developers to create and re-use their own page templates and components.

Source: Apple

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