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Pricing Of Samsung Galaxy Pad 10.1 And HTC Flyer Revealed


Pricing Of Samsung Galaxy Pad 10.1 And HTC Flyer Revealed

With the recent splurge of tablets in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, many began to drool over the possibilities of getting these devices in their sweaty hands. Of course while we all want something new and shiny, whether we can afford it or not is a whole other question. As the release of some of these tablets gets closer, we are beginning to get an idea of how much they will cost.

First up is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the successor to the relatively successful original 7in Tab. At MWC it was revealed that the Tab 10.1 would initially be exclusive to Vodafone with a March arrival date. Following our hands-on look at the device in Barcelona, Ed felt the device would get a premium price and today it has been revealed that Vodafone Portugal will be selling the Honeycomb-touting tab for €699 (£590) when it launches next month. Further reports from the Iberian Peninsula suggest that Voadafone in Spain will be selling a subsibised Tab 10.1 on contract for €349 (£295). One UK website has the device on sale for £600 (inc. VAT) but since it is exclusive to Vodafone, we are a bit skeptical of this price point.

Looking at another of the high-profile tablet to be unveiled at MWC, the pricing of the HTC Flyer has also been revealed elsewhere in Europe. In Germany, Amazon announced that the 3G + Wi-Fi model, which will be the one first launched, will be cost €669 (£560). Separately another German retailer has put the Wi-Fi only model, which HTC said would launch soon after the 3G version, on pre-order for €499 (£425). The Gingerbread 7incher is set for a Q2 launch and while HTC told us the Flyer would attract a premium price, these prices seem to be reasonable for the tablet in our view.

With the LG Optimus Pad already on pre-order for a costly €999 (£841), and the Xoom going on sale in the US today for $800 the Tab 10.1 and Flyer would seem to be positioning themselves to attract the more frugal shopper. It is certainly going to be interesting to see how all this will pan out and when you throw the BlackBerry PlayBook and Apple’s imminent iPad 2 into the mix, we are set for an exciting few months.

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