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PowerVR Details Multi-Core Mobile Phone GPU


PowerVR Details Multi-Core Mobile Phone GPU

Imagination Technologies, makers of the PowerVR graphics chip - which sits inside the iPhone, among other devices - is soon to make multi-core variants available. Specifically, the PowerVR SGX543MP will be available in single all the way up to 16-core versions - with both even and odd core numbers possible.

Imagination says that its multi-core chips will offer near-linear scaling of 95 per cent efficiency in both vertex and pixel processing. Similarly, additional cores won't lead to any additional CPU load.

More importantly, perhaps, multi-core versions of the PowerVR SGX543MP use the same driver stack as the single-core chip, meaning no additional work for coders. All load-balancing and work allocation is done on-chip, at a pipeline level. Much like nVidia and AMD's more recent desktop GPUs, in fact.

The upshot of this should be mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPod touch, offering even better graphics grunt than current technology makes possible. Sadly Imagination Technologies hasn't given any details on when these new chips will be available, so there's no telling when devices sporting them will surface.

Imagination Technologies.


March 19, 2009, 3:38 pm

Power VR? Now that's a blast from the past! didn't even know they were still about!

My first graphics card (or 3d accelerator) was a power VR, and they subsequently used the chip for the Dreamcast IIRC.

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