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Popular Online Backup Service Mozy Finally Hits UK

Gordon Kelly


Popular Online Backup Service Mozy Finally Hits UK

While we've been pretty impressed with Carbonite, the online backup sector has one larger player who had mysteriously remained unavailable in the UK - until now...

Mozy has finally made the trip to the UK and Ireland this month offering its two automated backup products 'MozyHome' and 'MozyPro' to consumers and businesses. Both lines offer the ability to protect data with military-grade (448bit) encryption which is stored only on European based data centres.

The differences between the two lines are very simple: MozyHome provides 2GB of storage space for free with users able to upgrade to an 'unlimited' space for £4.99 per month. As for MozyPro this adds in 24/7 tech support and the ability to manage online back-ups across multiple computers from a central location which comes in at £3.99 per computer. Server licences cost £6.99 per month.

Amongst Mozy's most high profile customers are China Telecom, McAfee, Vodafone and Clearlybusiness (a wholly owned subsidiary of Barclays Bank) so it certainly has business acumen.

Of course - on the consumer front - it will also run into competition from the hugely impressive Dropbox which not only provides 2GB of online backup space for free (50GB is $9.99pm, 100GB is $19.99), but also automatically synchronises data across multiple computers in real time.

Combine its threat with that of Carbonite and Mozy definitely isn't entering a sleeping market in the UK - especially considering drive based back-up is still the most popular form of data storage. Still Mozy has pedigree and its arrival should see competition kicked up yet another notch in a sector which is only going to get bigger as broadband speeds increase.


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