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Polaroid Unveils New Camera, Refuses to Let Instant Printing Die

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You have to admire Polaroid because it steadfastly refuses to lay down and die...

Six months after announcing the comeback of its iconic instant printing digital cameras, the company hasn't done what many expected: admit it was a very silly idea indeed. No, it is striding ahead with another new model.

Following up the numerically literal Polaroid TWO and THREE (successors to the legendary Polaroid ONE 600), is the 'PIC 300'. Unlike the models before it, the PIC 300 is a radical departure in both design and naming convention.

Aimed squarely at the casual (and hugely nostalgic) user the 300 costs just $89.99, runs on 4x AA batteries, features only four scene settings and produces prints to roughly business card dimensions (1.8 x 2.4 inches) compared to the 3 x 3.1in prints of classic Polaroid cameras of the past.

So we're talking about harmless fun here? Kinda. What needs to be factored in as always with Polaroid cameras is film cost and at £12.99 (on Firebox.com) for just 10 shots you're going need to have a serious hankering for days gone by.

Ultimately, sweet as it is to see Polaroid back making cameras, it really would be better advised trying to capitalise on the good will its brand still carries with new and innovative digital cameras rather than trying to drag on expired formats with increasingly cheap knock-offs. You know, like Kodak has tried, except in a way that isn't rubbish...

Polaroid 300 Product Page
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