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Polaroid Film Returns to Shop Shelves

Gordon Kelly


Polaroid Film Returns to Shop Shelves

It was a sad day when Polaroid finally stopped producing film for its iconic SX70 and 600 cameras back in 2008. In fact so sad the film is now back...

The Impossible Project - a team of investors and aficionados - so-called because of the task at hand has managed to pull off the impossible and once again get film for the cameras manufactured again and back into stores.

These stores will include chains around the World and include John Lewis in the UK. The plan is to have one million films sold in the first year, increase that to 3m in 2011 and potentially reach 10m per year over time. Yes, they may be crazy as they come, but The Impossible Project believes demand for these cameras is actually going to steadily increase.

Much like The Impossible Project, you'll need to be a hardcore fan to once more take the plunge since the film will cost a whopping €18 for just eight sheets - or £2 per shot.

As for Polaroid itself, the company went into receivership in 2001, was saved, then collapsed again in 2008. Since then Chinese business group Summit has bought the brand name and uses it to make the cameras and printers such as the innovative PoGo. The announcement of the replacement film isn't to be confused with the re-imagined Polaroid TWO which instead uses PoGo instant print technology.

So 'Impossible' or just plain madness? You decide...


via The Telegraph

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