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Polaroid Develops Ink-free Portable Printer

Gordon Kelly


Polaroid Develops Ink-free Portable Printer

How often do I get the chance to say this: here's a printer that's cool...?

The fact I'm phrasing the question like this should tell you the answer but what has led to this remarkable statement? It's a little device from Polaroid called the 'PoGo'. Dubbed the company's coolest invention since instant film (they had an invention since instant film?) we first brought you info on the PoGo back in February, but this teeny, tiny 120 x 72 x 23.5mm device is now about to hit the UK. Marketed as the printer that prints without ink yes, you read that correctly (it's why I highlighted it) how on earth does it work?

Well, first off, it isn't using ordinary paper - nope I knew this would disappoint. Instead the PoGo works with a special form of 3in x 2in stick backed paper with layers of cyan, yellow and magenta pigment crystals already inside. What PoGo then does is use heat to activate these layers and so chuck out prints it claims will be "smudge proof, water resistant, tear proof and fade resistant".

Interestingly PoGo contains both USB 2.0 and Bluetooth so as well as being portable it can also operate wireless with mobile phones and most modern laptops and it contains an internal battery though this is only good for 15 prints per charge.

Polaroid claims prints will take approximately 60 seconds to appear - which is reasonable - and available now for a £99 RRP it isn't cheap but it won't break the bank. 30 sheets of special PoGo paper will cost a more expensive £7, but at least you'll never need to worry about running out of ink...

See, I told you it was cool!


Polaroid PoGo

Hans Gruber

July 10, 2008, 6:29 am

Genius! I love it already. My family used to have a Polaroid camera and the film was very expensive - you have to currently pay some &#16322 (600film) for 20 exposures so 30 for &#1637 seems a pretty good deal in comparison (despite the smaller size). In more ways than one, it's like they've turned themselves back around as a traditional photographic company embracing the new portable digital age. All they need now is a larger print size (and better battery) for more serious photographers, together with Pictbridge or whatnot capability so SLR users can print the odd shot off. Seems a shame to limit it to pairing with a mobile phone.


July 10, 2008, 2:56 pm

An SD card slot would be handy :o)

Jon Cook

July 10, 2008, 4:17 pm

It looks like a great idea and hopefully will develop into something bigger and better. 60 secs for a very small print is a little excessive and the 3 inch by 2 inch size is a little, well, gimmicky in my view. However, if it can get up to 6 by 4 or even 7 by 5 in future it will be a product with some commercial possibility.


July 10, 2008, 5:40 pm

hmm, i don't know - you need specific paper, so it's pretty much passing the cost from one medium to another. plus i guess the paper can only be used with that printer (like inks, then).


July 11, 2008, 12:00 pm

hm... i didn't know anyone was still printing photos. i know about 30 people that use digital cameras an non of them is printing them...

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