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Plextor PX-LB950Sa can Record Faster and Play 3D

David Gilbert


Plextor PX-LB950Sa Can Record Faster and Play 3D

Blu-ray has slowly but surely crept into the top position as the de-facto optical standard and this latest release from Plextor highlights its position ahead of the now outmoded-looking DVD.

The Plextor PX-LB950Sa is a 12x Internal Blu-ray writer with 3D playback capabilities which claims it can record a single-layer 25GB BD-R disc in just 12minutes – which is pretty fast given we’re talking about 25GB of data. A 50GB double-layer BD-R however is not written at the same speed but at 8x – slowing down further to just 2x for double layer BD-RE discs.

The PX-LB950Sa is available from November across Europe for approximately £154 inc VAT.

However the speed is industry standard now with Pioneer, Samsung and Sony among a growing group of companies who offer internal Blu-ray drives with this write speed. One thing which could sway users to purchase the PX-LB950Sa is its 3D playback capability and the inclusion of the PowerDVD9 BD Suite software.

Another inclusion in the bundle is LightScribe, which is a technology that uses the laser in compatible drives to ‘draw’ high quality images on the top of specially produced discs. This should look a lot more professional than the smudged black marker or creased stickers we usually use.

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