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Plextor Announces USB 3.0 HDD

David Gilbert


Plextor Announces USB 3.0 HDD

When the press release for Plextor’s USB 3.0 external hard drive landed in our inbox, we initially thought that £90 for 500GB of storage was a bit pricey - even with the SuperSpeed connection.

Our suspicions were strengthened when we checked out the price for the 1TB Buffalo DriveStation HD-HXU3 we reviewed over 12 months ago which can be obtained online for substantially less than the £90 Plextor are looking for the PX-PH500U3. However looking at the pictures of the device again, we checked the weight and were surprised to find that the HDD weighed only 162g (same as the Desire HD)– and quite a lot less than the whopping 1.1kg the Buffalo drive weighed in at. So the Plextor is definitely aimed at those looking for some storage on the move.

The sleek PX-PH500U3 is encased in “aircraft-grade” aluminum and certainly looks a lot nicer than most of the other USB 3.0 devices out there – though we’re not sure how many people rate looks that highly in their HDD purchasing. A USB 3.0 cable is included as you would expect and to protect the device while on the move, a leatherette case comes as part of the pack. As well as the 500GB version, which will be available this month, Plextor will also be releasing a 750GB version, the PX-PH750U3, in April at a cost of £120.

Both models will come with FNet PC Clone EX and Turbo HDD software to help you get the most from the product. Plextor also will give you its ‘Fast Warranty Service’ - a one year collect and return warranty.

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